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The story about the two islands

Once upon a time there were two islands in the sea. According to legends, there had previously been a third island nearby, but it had sunken into the sea a long time ago. On the big island there lived rich and poor, gentlemen and servants, and there existed a marketplace where seashells were used as currency. Here there is always a shortage of time, the people get up early to work and do not tolerate laziness or too much comfort. On the small island there are neither servants nor gentlemen and no striving to become rich. Everything on the island is shared collectively with no ownership. There is time to have fun and live a quiet, comfortable life. One day, the impatient king of the big island decides to make the island even richer and more magnificent. The work gets underway, but as resources diminish, the small island’s “unused” resources are exploited. An ancient red stone stands on the large island with engravings warning the coming generation: “When the stone drops, the people of the sea have violated the laws of life and the islands are to perish”. The stone obviously starts to sink … In a panic, the citizensContinue reading