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The story about the two islands

Once upon a time there were two islands in the sea. According to legends, there had previously been a third island nearby, but it had sunken into the sea a long time ago. On the big island there lived rich and poor, gentlemen and servants, and there existed a marketplace where seashells were used as currency. Here there is always a shortage of time, the people get up early to work and do not tolerate laziness or too much comfort. On the small island there are neither servants nor gentlemen and no striving to become rich. Everything on the island is shared collectively with no ownership. There is time to have fun and live a quiet, comfortable life. One day, the impatient king of the big island decides to make the island even richer and more magnificent. The work gets underway, but as resources diminish, the small island’s “unused” resources are exploited. An ancient red stone stands on the large island with engravings warning the coming generation: “When the stone drops, the people of the sea have violated the laws of life and the islands are to perish”. The stone obviously starts to sink … In a panic, the citizensContinue reading

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Day 3/30 – Getting into the habit

Day 3 went like smooth sailing. I had overnight oats for breakfast with liverwurst toast and juice, for lunch I had a zucchini and carrot soup while dinner consisted of stuffed eggplants with rice. I should’ve mentioned it earlier maybe but I’m in the process of moving and have surges of stress even though I, as of today, have packed most things. I guess it’s the clutter that results from having a bunch of boxes, bags etc. everywhere that contributes to the feeling of being overwhelmed. On top of everything I have an acceptance celebration and a wedding to attend in two days (how the hell did I get here?). I miss my slow mornings with meditation, yoga and reading insightful quotes. But…this too shall pass. Throughout the day my thoughts kept wandering to the rainforests of the world. See the day after I’d published the post about my 30 day veggie challenge, a video on”kenyans.eu” (YouTube) showed that actually the amount of forests fires in the southern regions of Africa actually exceeds that in Brazil. According to BBC “Angola and DR Congo ‘have more blazes” (klick on BBC for more info). Having ranked the amount of forest fires byContinue reading

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Day 2/30

So I did my pantry refilling on day one. By the way, adding habanero instead of less spicy chili fruits to the Bell Pepper Soup is not for the faint of hearts. On top of that, I ate the soup with a vegetarian spicy sausage. We all have moments when we say to ourselves “the hell was I thinking?”, eating the soup was one of mine. My concerns for having to do a lot of thinking in terms of finding alternatives for dairy and meat proved unnecessary (although many alternatives can be very expensive for a tight budget). I bought some tempeh and decided to give tofu a try though I’m skeptical about eating it (will tell you why later this week). Also, to my surpirse I easily found two affordable sandwich toppings, baba ganouch and liverwurst (yes we eat that for breakfast here in Sweden). All and all day two went well. For breakfast I had two toasts with baba ganouch, juice and a banana. My chick pea snack helped with between meals cravings, while dinner consisted of fruit bread with liverwurst (long day). I was simply to tired to do the guacamole recipe that Muriel suggested, but IContinue reading

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Day 1/30 – Savings

  The first day of my challenge is almost over. I think I did pretty well. Just panicked a bit on Sunday evening when I realised that my pantry had not been updated for the challenge. So, I decided to do the whole pantry refilling the next day instead and not worry so much about it. At the end of the day, I did have some meat in the freezer and in my fridge (my been stew with lamb) which I decided to store in the freezer. Don’t feel like throwing away food just because I’ve embarked on this challenge.   Anyway, breakfast went well thanks to peanut butter and some tapenade. For lunch I ate an okra (gumbo) stew with rice (will try to add the recipe here later). For dinner I went with the Bell Pepper Soup recipe sent to me by Muriel (my coach). (Kitchari with okra stew)   Savings (total ego boost!) Because my main reasons for taking on the 30 days Veggie challenge are environment care and my health, Muriel sent me an email with details on everything I’d helped saved after my first day (see picture). Saving can indeed be fun! Stay well! /D