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Day 1/30 – Savings

  The first day of my challenge is almost over. I think I did pretty well. Just panicked a bit on Sunday evening when I realised that my pantry had not been updated for the challenge. So, I decided to do the whole pantry refilling the next day instead and not worry so much about it. At the end of the day, I did have some meat in the freezer and in my fridge (my been stew with lamb) which I decided to store in the freezer. Don’t feel like throwing away food just because I’ve embarked on this challenge.   Anyway, breakfast went well thanks to peanut butter and some tapenade. For lunch I ate an okra (gumbo) stew with rice (will try to add the recipe here later). For dinner I went with the Bell Pepper Soup recipe sent to me by Muriel (my coach). (Kitchari with okra stew)   Savings (total ego boost!) Because my main reasons for taking on the 30 days Veggie challenge are environment care and my health, Muriel sent me an email with details on everything I’d helped saved after my first day (see picture). Saving can indeed be fun! Stay well! /D

Sustainable Living

Helping the Amazon forest through 30 ProVeg Veggie Challenge!

The amazon forest is experiencing its worst fire ever. The root causes are clearing of land for cattle, palm oil, farming of soy etc. (basically for the purpose of growth in the agricultural sector in Brazil). With an aggravation of the situation, it is more important than ever for each one of us to do our part in saving our planet’s lungs. My goal here is not to point finger at one single guilty party, as I am aware of the socio-economical aspects of this problem. We cannot simply point fingers at the Brazilian politicians lack of concern for the environment. We in the northern and western hemisphere have our part in it, because of our habits of creating pollution in developing countries and importing them back as goods.   How can you help?   Business Insider listed five things that we as private persons can do in our day-to-day life to help the burning. Their list included things such as educating ourselves, reducing, reusing and recycling. As for me, I decided to focus on reducing, reusing and recycling which goes hand in hand with my aim for a sustainable life. Having been a flexitarian for a while with theContinue reading