Helping the Amazon forest through 30 ProVeg Veggie Challenge!

The amazon forest is experiencing its worst fire ever. The root causes are clearing of land for cattle, palm oil, farming of soy etc. (basically for the purpose of growth in the agricultural sector in Brazil). With an aggravation of the situation, it is more important than ever for each one of us to do our part in saving our planet’s lungs. My goal here is not to point finger at one single guilty party, as I am aware of the socio-economical aspects of this problem. We cannot simply point fingers at the Brazilian politicians lack of concern for the environment. We in the northern and western hemisphere have our part in it, because of our habits of creating pollution in developing countries and importing them back as goods.

  How can you help?


Business Insider listed five things that we as private persons can do in our day-to-day life to help the burning. Their list included things such as educating ourselves, reducing, reusing and recycling.

As for me, I decided to focus on reducing, reusing and recycling which goes hand in hand with my aim for a sustainable life. Having been a flexitarian for a while with the goal of increasing the vegetarian side of it, I haven’t quite found the resources that will make the vegetarian cuisine natural for me. The books I have on vegetarian cuisine haven’t really helped me come up with ideas or inspiration, and though the African cuisine (that I’m used to) have a lot of vegetarian dishes, the ingredients are transported a long way (no reduction here).

So, the other day I came across an add from ProVeg encouraging people to take on a 30 ProVeg Veggie Challenge (Yeaay!). To facilitate this they provide you with recipes on what to cook for 30 days and with a coach to help along the way as well as a checklist of “concrete actions that will help you to get ready for your Veggie Challenge”.  This is how support looks like. So, I signed up! Starting of Monday (26th) I’ll go for a plant-based lifestyle that hopefully will give me tools to lean my flexitarian diet towards the vegetarian side.

You can read more about the challenge here and feel free to let me know if you decided to join and how it goes/went.

Stay safe / D

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