Day 6/30 – Dealing with a Setback


Hey there!

I’m doing a bit of jump for this post because my weekend was filled celebration. On Friday my girls and I celebrated the youngest member in our crew getting accepted into a course in Warsaw, aimed at strengthening young people’s capacity to lead work against racism. On Saturday, I was invited to a Congolese wedding, and in between everything I was trying to take care of my fatigue after a hectic week. The writing therefore, was put on hold.

Until yesterday I felt like I’d started to settle in the challenge. BUT, realising that I was going to a wedding without giving my friend a heads up about my new diet, I decided to just eat whatever was served. Basically, I would allow myself to eat meat if that’s what was being served. The gremlins in my head had one or two things to say about this, but I was going to treat myself with kindness and just pick up where I left from the next day. This was easy because the atmosphere of love and joy at the wedding silenced my gremlins.

Moving on, my coach emailed me an article on 10 easy packed lunch ideas with everything from wraps and soup to Olive-nut bread with sun-dried tomato and rosemary, check it out here.

Besides that, she also sent me a recommendation for a Mediterranean cereal called Farro including a recipe for an An Italian-style farro dish. This is completely  unknown to me but I will see if I can find Farro in the super market tomorrow. That’s all for now.

Enjoy the rest of your sunday!

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