Day 29 – The final stretch

Ok, so contrary to my belief, tomorrow is day 30. Time did really fly. Have I learned anything so far?

Yes, changing to a plant based diet wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined it to be. A more plant based diet has done wonders to my  stomach as it no longer feels tensed or swollen. Worse part is that I was so used to both of this that I didn’t question it until I started with a plant based diet. I feel like I do want to explore this more, and will have to if I want to prevent my cooking from become routine.


I do understand that a lot of the emails  sent from Muriel was really just a question of persuasion/marketing. I didn’t mind as it was interesting to read about the down side of meat consumption. Speaking of, here’s  another one of Muriel’s interesting tip based on Dr. Melanie Joy’s findings.

Be safe!

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