Day 28 – Skip Showers For Beef Movement

Wow! I’m already on day 28 and it feels like time is flying by. Somewhere along the way, a plant based diet became more or less natural. It’s just what I do, and my thinking has become more tailored towards finding plant based food.

The other day it actually stroke me that I’ve been telling my friends that I’m on a vegetarian diet, and have been thinking the same thing. But actually, I’ve been doing vegan for almost a month now “Yeeay”.

As I treated myself to a vegetarian bimbim Bap which was served with an egg (which I skipped), it hit me that I miss eating fried eggs. Honestly, I thought bacon or lamb would be more of a struggle but it hasn’t.  Even though I miss food seasoned with barbecue spices, it went fine. But fried egg  with salt…that is yum. Anyway, Muriel sent me my daily boost which is basically information on what I’ve saved so far. I’m now up to  5.7 saved animals, 60.5 square meters of saved land, 41.4 kg of CO2 and 36 400 l of water.

Speaking of water, Muriel also sent me a clip about the “Skip Showers For Beef Movement“. I don’t plan on joining it any time soon, but as I like experimenting, I might some day (when I live close to a beach/the coast where the water doesn’t freeze winter time).


Stay safe!

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