Day 2/30

So I did my pantry refilling on day one. By the way, adding habanero instead of less spicy chili fruits to the Bell Pepper Soup is not for the faint of hearts. On top of that, I ate the soup with a vegetarian spicy sausage. We all have moments when we say to ourselves “the hell was I thinking?”, eating the soup was one of mine.

My concerns for having to do a lot of thinking in terms of finding alternatives for dairy and meat proved unnecessary (although many alternatives can be very expensive for a tight budget). I bought some tempeh and decided to give tofu a try though I’m skeptical about eating it (will tell you why later this week). Also, to my surpirse I easily found two affordable sandwich toppings, baba ganouch and liverwurst (yes we eat that for breakfast here in Sweden).

All and all day two went well. For breakfast I had two toasts with baba ganouch, juice and a banana. My chick pea snack helped with between meals cravings, while dinner consisted of fruit bread with liverwurst (long day). I was simply to tired to do the guacamole recipe that Muriel suggested, but I loved the recommendations given about avocado consumption. Basically, eat occasionally due to its strain on environmental resources as well as the global carbon footprint created during shipping.


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