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Day 7/30 – The aftermath of too much yeast extract

Yesterday, I decided to give another try. I’ve been skeptical about soy products (though many of the things I eat contain some residue of it) because of reading some not so nice things about it. My concerns have been the fact that soybeans are cultivated on former forests. After an email conversation about Muriel and an article, I was convinced that it’s since the main negative side of soy farming was the meat production (cattle being fed soy). I therefore gave it a try and followed the instructions sent to me on preparing tofu. The recipe I chose was with mango chutney, ginger, garlic, orange peels and orange juice. To give it my own touch I added a bit of coriander and Marmite yeast extract. I’ve had this extract for some time and having last year’s memory of a serious vitamin B12 deficiency, I decided that a teaspoon of yeast extract could only add benefits to an already delicious dish. This is the part where I advise you to not to this at home unless you’re preparing a stew or some other dish for maybe 4-6 persons.   The meal turned out fine (just a bit umami on the flavourContinue reading