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Five Easy Ways to Reduce Plastic while Gardening

With plastic polluting our oceans, air and food, the reduction of plastic use has become a matter of urgency. For a long time, recycling has been praised as a tool for reaching sustainability. However, recent reports reveal that most of the waste we create are hard to recycle, let alone reuse. As urban farmers we are not spared from this and so in this post I’m going to go through some of the ways that lovers of gardening can contribute to reducing plastic waste.   1. Transform your waste into compost We are a part of an ecosystem, and as participants of that ecosystem we can contribute by ” reducing waste, closing the nutrient cycle, and preventing air pollution that causes climate change.” As gardener, we are dependent on fertilizers to grow healthy, strong plants. As we’re constantly create organic waste through the food we eat, or fallen leaves etc., why not make use of all this garbage? Yes, I’m talking about composts. By turning leftover, food scraps and ”garden waste into a nutrient-packed soil additive that plants love ”, you’ll not only reduce the use of plastic (bags, bottles etc.) but also close the nutrient cycle. For advice onContinue reading