30+ days later

Some weeks have passed since I published any post. It was a conscious choice in order for me to not become overwhelmed with everything I had to deal with (out of which most things were related to my move). I’m now a lot more settled in my new apartment and am loving the cozy green surroundings. During a walk today I even discovered allotment gardens, a park dedicated solely to begonias and a large park with immense old trees growing along a boardwalk. There’s the least to say room for some garden activities. I’m content and super eager to discover and to garden.

The last time I wrote was just before day 30 of my veggie challenge. Part of me can’t believe that I actually managed to go through with the challenge, but also of the fact that once I’d been on the diet for about two weeks things came naturally. Since day 30, I have not been completely meat free, but almost. Most weeks have been meat free and the times I’ve eaten meat has been either at a friend’s place where that was the only thing served (we had not seen each other for a while), and at a client’s work place where falafel was being served. I skipped the veggie alternative because it was falafel and I had eaten(been served) falafel every day for four days in a row. I am picky with my food.

Other than that, all my meals have been vegan and continue to be. I’m currently adding Congolese vegan dishes to my meal, realising that whatever resistance I had to that was probably due to me being used to eat Congolese veggie dishes with some form of meat. So, the other day I made one of my favorite dishes, bean stew (tomato sauce based) with habanero and chili garlic seasoned vegan pulled (the vegan version of pulled pork). I served it with fried (and sweet) plantain. It was so delicious! That success encouraged me to start experimenting with Congolese food, which always has vegan alternatives for every meal.

Yes, I’ve added the bean stew to the list of recipes to publish. 😉


Stay safe!

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